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In a rapidly changing world marked by frequent conflicts, environmental crises, and logistical disruptions, the agility and efficiency of supply chain operations have never been more vital.

A recent study by Gitnux revealed that over 80% of businesses have experienced a supply chain disruption in the past 12 months. This was due to transport delays and abrupt cancellations, underscoring the fragility of global supply operations.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables businesses to react swiftly to these disruptions. It maintains the flow of essential documents throughout the supply chain—from orders and invoices to delivery notes and Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs). However, the true backbone of any EDI system lies in the support it receives. Poor EDI support can seriously impact a company’s operational efficiency.

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Can your business react swiftly to change?

Inadequate EDI support causes delays to your organisation’s supply chain operations, creating inefficiencies that significantly affect your profitability.

Recent events, such as disruptions in the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and reduced water levels in the Panama Canal, highlight the need for responsive EDI support. Inadequate support can leave internal teams frustrated and operationally hamstrung—whether it’s delayed onboarding of new suppliers providing critical manufacturing components or slow responses to changes required by local customs regulations.

It’s challenging for businesses to predict exactly what’s around the corner. However robust mechanisms and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure your business is prepared to adapt to change.

Over 80% of businesses have experienced a supply chain disruption in the past 12 months
Gitnux, an independent market research platform

The impact of failing EDI support

When EDI support fails, the repercussions can be far-reaching:

Financial and operational impact

  • Direct financial losses: The immediate consequence of EDI system delays and downtime is the halt in transaction flows. For manufacturing and food and beverage sectors, with just-in-time delivery models, this can lead to substantial production delays.

  • Operational inefficiencies: The impact of unresponsive or slow customer support extends beyond immediate transactional interruptions, permeating various aspects of supply chain management. This includes inventory mishaps, shipping delays, and inefficiencies in production lines. The aggregate cost of these disruptions affects not only the business’s bottom line but also its ability to meet market demands efficiently.

Relationship and compliance risks

  • Strained business relationships: Trading partners expect consistent, timely, and reliable EDI transactions. Frequent delays can erode trust and compel partners to seek more dependable alternatives, potentially leading to business and reputational losses.

  • Regulatory penalties: In industries governed by strict compliance regulations, timely and accurate data exchange is mandatory. EDI failures could result in non-compliance, attracting fines and other regulatory penalties.

EDI systems are critical for ensuring seamless communication across the supply chain. When these systems fail, the cost can be enormous in terms of immediate financial losses and long-term operational and strategic setbacks.

Transalis commitment to first-class customer support

At Transalis, we prioritise customer support.

We understand that robust service is crucial, especially in the face of unexpected global events. We have invested heavily in an expert support team that provides rapid response and tailored services to meet each client’s unique needs.

Partnering with Transalis not only resolves current EDI challenges but also strategically positions your business for future growth. By enhancing reliability and efficiency, we help you maintain a competitive edge in a volatile market, ensuring you are always ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

If you feel your not receiving the service or level of support you need from your current EDI provider, your might be interest in reading 5 signs it’s time to switch your EDI provider.

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