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Business efficiency is critical to the success of an organisation in meeting changing customer needs. Businesses nowadays are having to juggle a number of different sales channels in order to meet consumer demands and expectations, as well as to stay in the running alongside competitors.

This blog explores how organisations can create greater business efficiency and, in doing so, meet changing customer needs.

Agile business in a time of rapid change

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Business efficiency in 21st century commerce

Maintaining business efficiency in recent years has been a challenge for many organisations across industries.

New trade regulations, implementing online sales channels, remaining agile during times of crisis, and ensuring the business strategy is robust enough to future-proof are just some of the challenges businesses are navigating at the moment. With the increased demand and expectation for online shopping, organisations are having to pivot to expand their retail presence.

Automated invoice processing for manageable digital transformation

Digitalisation has become an even more prominent requirement in order for businesses to scale and continue to meet changing customer needs. Generally speaking, scaling a business often results in multiple sales channels, whether that’s; bricks and mortar stores, stockists, online marketplaces, and D2C (Direct-to-Consumer).

This typically requires separate business processes to manage each of these different sales channels. Therefore, relying on manual processing is not sustainable nor efficient.

To combat this constraint on resources, forward-thinking organisations have turned to the digitalisation of these processes to manage their business efficiency.

A case in point

At Transalis, we have been supporting our clients to navigate these challenges, increase business efficiency and help them meet changing customer needs.

For example, our client, a manufacturer of an early learning audio player, needed to upscale its current business process to help manage an increase in consumer demand. This client already had a strong online D2C model in place; selling via selected online marketplaces (including Amazon and eBay) and its own ecommerce enabled website. However, relying on manual processes was not sustainable, especially as new retail channels opened across Europe and the United States. Digital transformation was needed, with the introduction of new automated EDI processes.

We supported them by automating their order and fulfilment management processes and ensuring compliance with their trading network via information standardisation. The implemented solution integrated all platforms via a single integration layer. This facilitated a frictionless exchange of information. Data related to orders, invoices, ASNs and other documents are automatically routed to the destination without manual intervention.

The automation of the message exchange between each platform ensured business efficiency in the following ways:

  • D2C orders are simultaneously routed to warehouse and 3PL for fulfilment

  • Marketplace orders are automatically acknowledged, mitigating any risk of fines due to missing SLAs

  • Retailer orders are compliant with EDI message standards

  • Invoices are imported directly into accounting applications

Our client has been able to fully harness the benefits of automated processing; removing the need to onboard additional team members to process manually. Ultimately, the automated EDI solution we delivered saved the client a minimum of £50,000 annually.

Business efficiency with Transalis eDI™

With Transalis eDI™ our clients are able to scale, future-proof and create greater business efficiency. We offer our clients the opportunity to implement the solution that is most suited to their unique business needs.

As detailed in the case study above, our client successfully scaled their business by implementing a bespoke solution with us, combining both Transalis eDI™ Freedom as well as elements of Transalis eInvoice™ Freedom.

Our transparently priced bundles have been carefully selected to make the process of implementing an EDI or eInvoice solution much easier. Depending on the complexity of the need, clients can choose between our entry-level solution eDI Instant or build an entirely bespoke solution with the exact functionalities, integrations and message types required for greater business efficiency with eDI Freedom.

eDI Software

To discuss how process automation can increase your business efficiency into the future, contact us on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or contact us via email

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