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Following on from recent challenges and heading into the new year, having complete visibility over organisational data and systems is vital for business decisioning and strategy.

In order to future-proof, businesses across an array of different industries have embarked on digital transformation projects in order to mitigate inefficiencies in their supply chain management, both as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the new regulations mandated by Brexit. Transalis has been supporting their clients in this process, implementing robust and scalable EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions which lead to better business decisioning into the future.

This can be achieved by introducing a broader set of EDI messages. To many, EDI messages comprise of; order, invoice and Advance Shipping Notice (ASN), however this is just scratching the surface of what EDI can do for your business.

Here we explore how broadening the scope of EDI messages and implementing key integrations can benefit business, with examples from our clients who have achieved greater efficiency and business agility with our innovative solutions.

Integrate your EDI

Gain complete and immediate visibility over your business data with direct EDI integration into your internal systems, such as an ERP, accounting, or other business management software.

efficient EDI Integrations

EDI informs better business decisioning

Forward thinking organisations are extending their standard EDI message-set to include items such as sales reports, stock reports, and product catalogue data. The ability to distribute this insightful information via an integrated EDI feed into internal business systems provides complete visibility to multiple departments, which in turn leads to greater agility through better business decisioning.

This invaluable information is able to assist teams in critical business decisions to plan for the future and alter their strategy to be able to meet changing economical conditions as well as new consumer demand. Whether that is analysing sales reports to; assess the consumer demand for specific periods, predict future sales surges, or plan marketing campaigns.

Broadening the scope: a case study

In 2020, a leading manufacturer of licenced pop collectibles executed a plan to grow its market share in Europe, using the UK as its base.

As its EDI partner, Transalis provided the wrap-around support necessary to ensure the client could move at pace and react to the changing market conditions due to Brexit and the pandemic and take them into the future.

During the early stages of this project, it was clear that there were significant inefficiencies in certain business processes that were subsequently stifling growth. It was also clear that by broadening the scope of their EDI solution, the client could mitigate these inefficiencies, as well as be able to better respond to supply chain challenges or any other changing conditions.

An integrated EDI solution with a broader message set offered our client the benefit of; frictionless business, greater agility, and better business decisioning into the future.

EDI for toy manufacturers

Before implementing our solution, the challenges for our client were threefold:

  1. A highly manual pick and pack warehouse process

  2. Inability to onboard new retailers/network partners at speed

  3. Managing international supply chains and complying with new regulations following Brexit

For our client, all of these challenges were stifling the growth of the business.

The manual warehouse processes were time consuming and limited the ability to scale-up the distribution in order to meet new consumer demand.

The inability to quickly onboard new retailers and network partners also limited our clients business agility and response to changing industry conditions.

And the lack of efficient cross-border processes meant that money was tied up in transit or stock could be delivered to the wrong location.

Business decisioning with Transalis eDI™

Transalis offers their clients a choice between several transparently priced software bundles suited to differing business needs, including the freedom to build their own bespoke EDI solution for better business decisioning.

eDI Freedom is entirely customisable, allowing the user to tailor their software solution according to the number of trading partners they wish to connect to, the type of messages they wish to exchange, any integrations to internal systems, and additional functionalities such as warehouse stock or sales reports, as well as additional dedicated Network Rollout support.

eDI Software

To find out more about how EDI can aid your business decisioning into the future, contact our knowledgeable team on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or email who can advise you on the best course of action and the right Transalis eDI™ solution for your business.

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