Confronted with internal and external challenges to optimise its supply chain operations, The Hut Group’s major high street brand identified that rationalising its B2B systems would increase efficiency and reduce costs.

By harnessing technology, The Hut Group could meet their supplier and customer needs whilst streamlining their supply chain operations.

The Transalis Solution

Transalis provided a scalable, cloud based solution for a fully digitally enabled supply chain via Integration Brokerage.

OpenEDITM forms Transalis’ range of Integration Brokerage services, including B2B messaging, trading partner on-boarding, community management, mapping, testing and monitoring.

Transalis manage the full B2B electronic enablement for 1,000 suppliers across the UK and Europe. This includes approx. 800 stores and 50,000 products.

By outsourcing the management of its B2B EDI requirements, The Hut Group optimised its technical resources and improved its relationships with customers and suppliers.

Transalis integrate B2B messages using its SaaS solution directly with the retailer’s ERP systems. This allows The Hut Group to remove redundant EDI and translation middleware. Message exchange utilises the Transalis Digital Platform where suppliers have access to web-based, mobile and integrated solutions.


Greater In-Store Stock Availability

Product Delivery Reliability

Document Uniformity

Transalis EDI, powered by OpenEDI, manages the full B2B electronic enablement for 1,000 suppliers across the UK and Europe. This includes approx. 800 stores and 50,000 products.

Key Facts

• Bespoke online portal for EDI transactions between retailer and


• Management of B2B electronic enablement for 1,000 suppliers

• Removing costly investment in software, installation and training

• Orders and invoices can be sent in any format, reducing time

 spent re-keying data

• Removal of redundant EDI and translation middleware

Transalis Integration Brokerage

OpenEDITM connects organisations, people, processes and technology. Existing systems rely on communicating parties having previously agreed standards, message formats and processes.

This complexity and the associated costs of establishing electronic communication between trading partners are totally removed via Transalis solutions. By default, proprietary systems from different vendors fail to integrate efficiently. OpenEDI enables organisations of all sizes, regardless of IT deployed, to communicate electronically with each other seamlessly.

Transalis integration brokerage integrates multiple EDI documents and standards between multiple networks, systems and trading partners necessary to maintain complex B2B e-commerce programs.

This managed service automates The Hut Group’s B2B relationships and digitally enables their supply chain allowing the retailer and their suppliers to focus on central business processes. OpenEDITM connects organisations, people, processes and technology.

Transalis provides a global digital platform that drives business growth, through cloud managed services. Based in the UK, Transalis services a digital community of over 10,000 users internationally across Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, FMCG and Health and Beauty