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Space NK, a beauty industry giant known for brands such as Laura Mercier and Eve Lom, was grappling with an outdated and costly EDI system before they chose to switch to Transalis EDI.

The global brand’s existing setup, based on a VAN (Value-Added Network), was not only expensive but also rigid and slow. In an industry where timing and efficiency are paramount, Space NK needed a solution that was as dynamic and forward-thinking as the business.

Switching your EDI provider

If you're thinking about switching your EDI provider but concerned how it will impact your day-to-day businesses processes, talk to one of experts about our BAU strategy.

Why Space NK needed to make the switch

The company’s EDI system was fighting against an inefficient cost model that penalised business growth, charging them based on the amount of data they sent (VAN).

This model made little sense for a rapidly expanding company. Moreover, the reliance on manual data entry was fraught with the risk of errors and delays. Orders that could take days to process were becoming a bottleneck in an otherwise forward-thinking and highly efficient operation.

Therefore, the new EDI solution would need to handle the complexities of Space NK’s transatlantic operations and efficiently onboard their multiple trading partners.

Choosing Transalis: A modern EDI solution

When Space NK chose to switch to Transalis EDI, it was because of the supply chain providers innovative approach to EDI. Transalis offered a cloud-based platform that promised cost savings, greater efficiency and accuracy. Their model was straightforward: a fixed cost that eliminated per-character fees and simplified budgeting. This was a game-changer for Space NK, as this model offered a fixed cost and removed the financial penalties associated with business expansion.

Efficient implementation and immediate impact

Transalis implemented the EDI solution swiftly, integrating it with Space NK’s existing systems. The transition was smooth, with the first trading partner onboarded within the first week, demonstrating the expertise and capabilities of Transalis’s implementation and onboarding team.

The impact was immediate:

  • Dramatic cost reductions: The move to Transalis immediately slashed Space NK’s EDI costs by £60,000 a year, directly boosting their bottom line.

  • Faster processing times: What used to take days now takes seconds, significantly speeding up order fulfilment and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Higher accuracy: Automation reduced the risk of human error, enhancing the reliability of data transfers.

  • Easier scalability: The new system was designed to grow with Space NK, rapidly onboarding new trading partners and customers as the company expanded.

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Strategic benefits and long-term advantages

The switch to Transalis didn’t just solve immediate problems – it set Space NK up for future success. The new EDI system became a pivotal part of their supply chain strategy, enabling them to manage their growth more effectively and adapt quickly to market changes.

Space NK’s journey underscores the importance of not settling for inefficient legacy systems. The advice for retailers stuck in a similar rut is clear: challenge your EDI provider and seek options offering transparency, fixed costs, and scalability with excellent onboarding and ongoing customer support.

A modern EDI solution like Transalis not only cuts costs but also enhances operational efficiency, making it a crucial tool for growing businesses.

Is it time to switch your EDI provider?

If you’re encountering limitations with your current EDI system—such as high costs, inflexibility, inefficient processes or poor customer support—it might be time to consider a switch.

If you’re unsure, see: 5 signs it’s time to switch your EDI provider

Transalis offers a cloud-based platform that simplifies technological integration and adapts to your growing business needs. This approach offers key benefits, including cutting costs, accelerating processing times, reducing error rates, and delivering unparalleled partner onboarding and customer support. Overall, it makes your supply chain more robust and responsive.

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