Cloud EDI managed solutions offer a competitive advantage by enabling efficient and cost-effective digital services, helping increase speed to market and profitability.

After spending hours wading through reams of reports, invoices and data, it’s little wonder that companies actively seek out more efficient ways of handling their transactions. Thankfully, Cloud EDI is on hand to manage this, providing a way to improve delivery times, speed up invoice payments, minimise errors and maximise efficiency.

Companies can choose to set up and manage their own on-premise EDI solution, whereby the daily operation is handled by a team of technically trained employees.  The EDI software is generally connected to an ERP system for the automatic conversion and exchange electronic data of orders, invoices, ASN’s and other documents with customers and suppliers.

However, many companies are discovering that funding a dedicated team to set-up and manage this element of the supply chain operation is expensive when compared to a managed, cloud-based EDI service.   

Another factor is that on-premise EDI can only exchange documents with suppliers and trading partners that already have EDI capability – some don’t, which can lead to increased complexity and errors.

Secure, scalable high-performance Cloud EDI SaaS

Transalis has developed a scalable, high-performance EDI SaaS application platform, hosted securely in the cloud.  There are a variety of different message standards EANCOM, EDITEC, xCBL, cXML, VDA, ODETTE openTRANS to name just a few. Transalis can convert all common EDI protocols, so companies can receive and send electronic documents including:

  • orders
  • order amendments
  • order acknowledgments
  • invoices
  • advance shipping notes
  • despatch advice notes
  • delivery notes
  • debit notes
  • credit notes
  • remittance advice notes
  • sales & inventory reports 
  • barcode label printing
  • and any other electronic data interchange documents

Cloud EDI: Easy to switch, simple to use

Unlike other systems, Transalis EDI solutions are quick and easy to set-up and switch; they set no limits on the number of messages sent and there are no hidden monthly charges.  The package you choose is what you pay.  There are several packages to choose from depending on your requirements: EDI Essentials, EDI Connect and EDI Connect Plus. Or you can ‘build your own network’ with the EDI Freedom Calculator.  

Whatever the size of your business, Transalis has a cost-effective cloud-based managed solution to meet your needs.

Managing suppliers

If you are a supplier looking to replace your own out-dated, on-premise EDI solution, our cloud-based solution will fit your needs. The cost-savings achieved typically deliver a return on investment in the space of just a few months, compared with a traditional in-house solution, which can take years. All mapping, day-to-day operations and running of the solution is part of our managed service.

Managed supplier solutions can be extended to support your own transaction types. They can be deployed as a web solution or as an integrated managed service. As your business grows and your requirements change, you may decide to switch from a web to an integrated solution; Transalis provides a seamless transition allowing businesses to grow with no interruption to business.

Managing retailers

You may be a retailer who wishes to replace an on-premise EDI and roll out an EDI solution to your supplier community, therefore resulting in significant cost benefits. Transalis is experienced at onboarding thousands of EDI connections, without any interruption to existing processes.

The easy way to future-proof your company

EDI Connect is an easy way to future-proof your company.   Transalis has a dedicated team of EDI experts and developers who are constantly adapting and enhancing the SaaS platform in line with future market requirements and new technologies.  On average, an on-premise ERP system needs to be updated or changed every 5 to 7 years. By switching to a managed solution, this headache is gone forever.

Transalis also has a team of onboarding specialists who can accelerate programmes such as data synchronisation and digital supply chain enablement. When utilising EDI effectively, supplier relationship management can improve workflows, relieve procurement teams, and help your business to gain a competitive advantage through accurate data forecasting. 

Find out more about our EDI Software solutions or contact our team.