One of the most effective ways to achieve cost efficiencies in supply chain document management is by implementing EDI tools.

Companies across the world improve their business prospects by building more efficiency into the management systems they use internally and with their trading network.

Standing for electronic data interchange, EDI refers to the automated, digital exchange of essential business documents such as orders, invoices, Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs), and customs declaration forms.

The beauty of EDI tools is that they enable such trading data to be shared in a frictionless process, free from manual intervention and the risks of human error.

Build your own EDI solution

We know one-size doesn’t fit all. Build the EDI solution that perfectly matches your business with EDI Freedom

Benefits for your business

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are realising the benefits of EDI tools.

Whether they’re retailers, manufacturers, warehousing and distribution firms, and other supply chain logistics partners, the common goal is to reduce costs whilst processing documents more efficiently.

EDI tools work by reformatting digital documents according to the preferred requirements of each party and in line with recognised standards.

EDI standards can differ depending on region, industry and the specific document type involved. At Transalis, we take away the headache of working out which standards you need to use and ensure you are using the compliant message formats for digital document exchange within your network.

Speed and accuracy

EDI tools promise a host of efficiency gains over manual document processing, scanning, and emailing attachments. So many processes are improved with digital document automation, from inventory management, to shipping, to audit.

By automating manually intensive administrative work, EDI tools free up time for higher value tasks. Quicker, more precise processing also gives managers complete and immediate visibility of essential organisational data on, for example, stock control and deliveries.

EDI tools enable a faster order-to-fulfilment cycle, meaning organisations are less likely to suffer from either late delivery or payment penalties as they engage with their networks. This reassurance can help them build a better relationship with their trading network.

Big time saver

At soft drinks brand AG Barr, EDI tools have delivered substantial ROI through automation.

John Thompson, the company’s Integrated Systems Manager, says:

“Being able to put orders automatically into the system is a big timesaver for all aspects of operational correspondence. The platform has made life easier for our customer service team. It really has made a positive difference. We are seeing ROI by having people focused on more value-added activity. Customer ratings and feedback also show we have improved our customer satisfaction levels.”

Managed solution

A cloud-based, fully managed solution, such as that adopted by AG Barr, is more cost-effective than organisations having to set up, install and manage the daily operation of their on-premise EDI tools.

Unlike an on-premise solution, a cloud-based EDI platform has none of the internal running costs or associated overheads.

Visibility, transparency and efficiency

Transalis has developed a scalable, high-performance and easy to use EDI platform, hosted securely in the cloud where you can manage and oversee the continual, automated exchange of digital documents.

Transparent pricing

Our advice is to find a transparently priced solution tailored to your business needs that can generate ROI. Providers should be transparent about their pricing model and the support they offer. Customers will want to be sure that the price reflects exactly the level of help they need and comes with no hidden fees.

Our EDI bundles offer a complete solution without any hidden fees such as VAN (Value Added Network) charges and unlimited message volumes as standard. In other words, no per-transaction fees and no penalties for breaching a data limit in a set period.

Enhanced efficiency

We map and translate data from all sent and received trading documents into all recognised message standards and common EDI protocols.

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