An ‘EDI interface’ refers to the cloud-based platform that enables organisations to process documents with their trading connections.

This is the platform where you can view, manage and process all inbound and outbound trading documents such as invoices, orders and ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices).

An EDI interface offers a host of transformational efficiency benefits compared to a manual or digital image-based approach.

This is because the automation of documents can be processed and sent directly into relevant internal management systems without the need for manual intervention and the attendant risk of human error.

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EDI Interface Integration

The beauty of automation means data from the EDI interface can be integrated with other in-house systems either via an API or FTP.

To prepare your EDI interface to frictionlessly send and receive vital information, our dedicated team will set up the platform and contact each of your trading connections to bring them on board.

The set-up stage involves analysing and mapping current processes, transactions, protocols and document types to fully understand the scope for message requirements.

We will then translate and configure the EDI data in a format compliant with the correct EDI standard depending on your geographic location, sector and products. This can be a universal EDI standard (UN/EDIFACT or ANSI/X12) or, if required, a more specific one.

As soon as everything is mapped and translated, the team will facilitate and test the exchange of each type of document in scope. Once that is done, your EDI interface is ready to go live.

Transalis eDI™ is quick and easy to purchase online. You can be up and running with one or two trading partners on your personalised EDI interface in 24 hours.

International Trade

In new research commissioned by Transalis, companies say they expect to be trading with more partners outside the UK in years to come.

Engaging with more international partners means they will increasingly have to navigate different territories’ localised regulations on import and export duties, invoice reporting and other factors that demand system compatibility.

Research respondents also confirmed that it takes longer to onboard trading partners based outside the UK than those based in the UK only – three months on average as opposed to two.

As a result, there is an added focus on achieving process integration as swiftly as possible. Simplicity and better self-management are seen as especially important capabilities among respondents with international trading partners.

The good news is that at Transalis, we take 50% less time to onboard a new customer. This is because of our efficient set-up and onboarding project management programme, designed specifically to ensure new customers are up and running as soon as possible.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Customers value Transalis eDI™ solutions because they meet their individual business needs and expectations, whilst also offering an outstanding and meaningful customer experience.

We offer transparent, fixed-price integrations to your EDI Interface within an agreed timeframe and service agreement. And unlike many other providers, we do not impose VAN (Value Added Network) charges, which penalise you for going over a data limit within a set period. And we don’t put up any barriers that could disrupt BAU if a customer ever wanted to switch to another provider.

Benefits of an EDI Interface with Transalis

key benefits of the Transalis ‘Customer First’ approach include:

  • Frictionless migration to maintain BAU
  • Intuitive cloud-based EDI platform coupled with full operator training
  • Shorter lead-in times for implementation
  • Fast turnaround of change requests
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Managers
  • Reliable, ongoing support
  • 98% trading partner reach across those UK manufacturers, retailers and distributors who trade electronically

Let our knowledgeable team handle the technical aspects of EDI messaging. We do the heavy lifting while you enjoy access to a world-class EDI interface that is simple to use. Take a look at our Transalis eDI™ product bundles, or build your own with eDI Freedom.

To discuss your requirements contact Transalis on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email

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