An EDI network is essentially a gateway between trading partners that enables them to exchange digital data with each other electronically.

All businesses need customers, and most will have a list of regular suppliers too. How well relationships with these groups are nurtured and sustained is crucial to commercial survival and hopes of prosperity. This includes the efficient, frictionless exchange of essential trading documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices and ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices). Increasingly, this process is digitised through an automated EDI network.

EDI, standing for Electronic Data Interchange, is a behind-the-scenes software solution that underpins global trade by helping to ensure supermarket shelves are well-stocked, manufacturing processes run smoothly and customer deliveries arrive on time and exactly to order.

EDI has introduced across-the-board time and cost savings and improved accuracy by automating the whole activity of sharing transaction data and eliminating the need for manually derived documents.

Build your own EDI network

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eDI Freedom from Transalis allows you to select the features you want to build your own EDI network.

Single View

Functioning well, your EDI network ensures that all relevant data is processed, sent and received as intended, free from the need for manual re-keying and its attendant risk of human error.

Those authorised to process data within the organisation and among its trading partners should have ready access to a simple-to-navigate front-end dashboard with the ability to visualise multiple linked documents and transactions in a single view.

Bringing all your EDI communications together as one readily identifiable group for the purposes of effective, frictionless data sharing can support supplier,and customer, relationships while offering cost control for the bottom line.

Going International

In new research commissioned by Transalis, businesses spoke of their EDI network requirements at a time when they anticipate more trading to happen internationally rather than solely in the UK.

More than four out of ten respondents said they were expecting to significantly increase the number of trading partners, with 16% of these being based outside the UK.

Engaging with more international partners means companies will increasingly have to navigate different territories’ localised regulations on import and export duties, invoice reporting and other factors directly relevant to operating an EDI network.

Asked when they would be reviewing their current EDI network arrangements, almost all respondents said they would be doing this within the next six months.

As well as helping their preparations for more international trade, reasons included broad recognition of the benefits of automation in reducing operational costs and the need to add resilience to supply chains hit by Covid.

At the same time, the research showed it takes longer to bring non-UK-based trading partners on board an EDI network – three months on average as opposed to two for those based in the UK – so there is an added focus on achieving swift process integration.

Network Reach

Transalis eDI™ solutions work alongside 98% of the electronically-trading UK retail market, enabling frictionless data exchange with manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Our cloud-based EDI network already helps companies in 55 countries manage four billion invoices a year. Around 14,000 individuals process 150,000 documents every day using the platform.

Benefits of a Transalis eDI Network

The benefits of tapping into our global EDI network are extensive. Examples of how we facilitate visibility, transparency and efficiency include:

  • ONBOARDING: we take 50% less time to onboard a new customer. This is because of our efficient management of set-up and partner onboarding, designed specifically to ensure new customers and trading partners are up and running as quickly as possible.
  • FASTER SET-UP: Shorter lead-in times for implementation come as standard. If integrating data directly into existing systems, we provide a clearly formatted FTP file that can be automatically mapped and uploaded. For a full integration, an API pulls in information from the EDI network platform instantly, with no disruption or delays to BAU (Business As Usual) operations.
EDI Network
  • INPUTTING CHANGES: Fast turnaround of change requests is often crucial. In our recent research, many organisations highlighted their need to make rapid and regular updates to their EDI network solution to reflect ‘on the ground’ changes among trading partners. Unfortunately, one of the typical drawbacks of a legacy EDI system is the inability to deal quickly and cost-effectively with such change requests. We have invested substantially to ensure our EDI solutions respond to change updates in a timely, efficient manner. Smoother system integration also minimises the risk of service outages, another feature associated with legacy EDI solutions.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Unlike many other providers, we don’t impose VAN (Value Added Network) charges which penalise you for going over a data limit within a set period. Instead, Transalis offers transparent, fixed-price integrations to your EDI network within an agreed timeframe and service agreement. And we do not put up any barriers that could disrupt BAU if a supplier ever wanted to switch to another provider.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Customers value Transalis EDI network solutions because they meet business needs and expectations and offer an outstanding and meaningful customer experience. It features frictionless migration to maintain BAU, an intuitive cloud-based EDI platform, coupled with full operator training from dedicated Customer Experience Managers, as well as reliable, ongoing support.

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The choice of the right solution for you depends on how many trading connections you have and exactly what you want to achieve through EDI. Take a look at our Transalis eDI™ product bundles, or build your own with eDI Freedom.

To discuss your requirements contact Transalis on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email

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