Universal Music UK sign to Transalis Cloud OpenEDI™

Transalis Customer Announcement

Universal Music UK is the UK’s biggest music company and home to artists from Take That and Florence + The Machine to Mumford & Sons and The Rolling Stones.

Universal Music UK have signed to Transalis and will utilise Transalis Cloud OpenEDI™ Managed Services. Transalis will perform all day-to-day EDI operations on behalf of Universal to exchange all EDI messages with its Retail Trading Partners below:

Amazon, Arvato, Asda, Australia UMG, Blackwells, Block Buster, EDC Hanover, Edward DB, Gardner Books, HMV, HMV Eire, HMV Guernsey, IMS, MSE Group, Play Direct, Play.COM, Sainsbury, Sony Dadc, Tesco, The Hut Group.

You can visit Universal Music at www.umusic.co.uk/who-we-are