The world’s largest health & beauty retailer realises significant benefits of EDI outsourcing to Transalis for its European supply chain, retail brands, stores and suppliers.

London, United Kingdom — February 16, 2011 — Transalis, the leading provider of global OpenEDI™ and freeVAN EDI solutions, today announced that A.S. Watson (Health & Beauty Benelux) has signed a multi-year agreement for Transalis OpenEDI™ Managed Services across Europe.

OpenEDI™ Managed Services are Transalis’ range of SaaS and Cloud B2B e-commerce outsourcing services, including B2B messaging services, trading partner on boarding, community management, mapping, testing and monitoring. By outsourcing the management of its B2B e-commerce requirements, A.S. Watson is optimising its technical resources and improving its relationships with customers and suppliers.

A.S. Watson selected Transalis to maximise its European supply chain efficiency, to manage its entire B2B electronic enablement for up to 3,000 suppliers, across 16 European countries, for 8 major high-street retailers with up to 4,000 stores, including Superdrug, Savers and The Perfume Shop in the UK, Kruidvat , Trekpleister,  Drogas,  Marionnaud and  ICI Paris XL in continental Europe in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Transalis will integrate B2B messages using its SaaS OpenEDI™ solution directly with A.S. Watson’s three ERP systems Retek, Navision and its own custom build platform, message exchange will utilise the Transalis freeVAN EDI service and suppliers will have access to a bespoke web-based and integrated  A.S. Watson OpenEDI™ offering.  Jos van Zeeland, group IT director for A.S. Watson said,

“By outsourcing EDI to Transalis we expect to gain considerable improvement, reliability, and uniformity of B2B message exchange with our systems and our suppliers. Utilising Transalis Managed Services will help us reduce complexity, risk and cost with the aim of electronically enabling our European supply chain”.

As a large international retailer and production company with business activities worldwide A.S. Watson operates drugstore chains to luxury perfumeries, to shops with foods, electronics, general merchandising and airport shops. Confronted with internal and external challenges to optimise its supply chain operations, A.S. Watson identified the rationalisation of its B2B systems would increase efficiency and reduce costs and so lead to the choice of Transalis OpenEDI™ Managed Services.

Transalis OpenEDI™ Managed Services are a comprehensive range of SaaS B2B e-commerce outsourcing solutions that allows A.S. Watson to fully automate its supply chain message exchange and eliminate redundant EDI middleware, EDI VAN costs and manual paper-based processes. Transalis Managed Services deliver increased process integration and reduced process complexity. Aniello Sabatino, Joint Managing Director at Transalis said, “Transalis Managed Services provides A.S. Watson access to Transalis’ extensive technical expertise and experience with supply chain EDI roll out, management and support. This allows optimisation of A.S. Watson’s existing technology investments and resources while Transalis manages the company’s B2B programs and rolls them out across the supply chain, allowing A.S. Watson to focus on core business activities.”

Transalis solutions integrate multiple EDI documents and standards between multiple networks, systems and trading partners necessary to maintain complex B2B e-commerce programs.

About A.S Watson Group
The A.S. Watson Group (ASW) is the largest health & beauty, perfumery & cosmetics retailer in the world, dating back to 1828. ASW has grown into an international retailer and production company with business activities in 34 markets worldwide. ASW operates 19 retail brands, with more than 8,900 stores, from drugstore chains to luxury perfumeries, to shops with foods, electronics, general merchandising and airport shops. ASW employs more than 87,000 people and has establishments in 54 countries worldwide. ASW is active in 34 markets amongst others in Asia and Europe, including:  the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Israel, Russia, Morocco, Rumania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Ireland, Estonia and Slovenia.

About Transalis Limited
Transalis is changing the way companies communicate. Transalis is used by Argos,, Microsoft, Tetley and 1,000s more businesses to improve their electronic communication with suppliers and buyers. Transalis SaaS and Cloud Managed Services offer total supply chain electronic enablement while optimising existing technology investments and comes with an innovative cost-charging model to eliminate VAN charges. Transalis solutions integrate multiple EDI documents and standards between multiple networks, systems and trading partners. Existing closed systems rely on communicating parties agreeing on standards, message formats and processes. It is this restriction and complexity, the ‘integration nightmare’ with high costs that Transalis removes. By default, proprietary systems from different vendors fail to integrate efficiently; Transalis provides the ‘glue’, enabling organisations of all sizes regardless of IT deployed, to communicate electronically seamlessly. Transalis lets anyone exchange information electronically with anyone else, regardless of the technology they use. Transalis empowers any business, no matter how large, to work electronically with any other, no matter how small, anywhere in the world.