If you are a relatively small manufacturer, producer or supplier and have landed the opportunity to trade with a big retail brand, congratulations.

One urgent demand your new partner may insist on, however, is for you to share essential documents such as orders, invoices and shipping notices via a software solution known as EDI. Find out how you can buy EDI online with eDI Instant – and be up and running in minutes.

What’s the fastest way to get up and running with EDI?

eDI Instant in minutes

As simple as 1,2,3. Buy EDI online in an instant and connect with your trading partner today


If you’re asking, ‘How can I buy EDI?’, here’s some useful advice to help you choose the right provider.

Securing a contract to supply a retailer is great news as you strive to take your small business to the next level. It is the kind of success that can prove a real gamechanger for food producers, growers, deli suppliers and niche goods manufacturers in all kinds of sectors such as food & beverage, fashion, health and beauty and household furnishing.

Like any company focused on productivity and growth, your new retail partner will operate systems and processes to manage all the underlying information associated with orders, invoices, ASNs (Advance Shipment Notices) and other essential paperwork.

What are the benefits of implementing EDI?

For decades, supply chains across the world have relied on EDI for the exchange of such business documents. Standing for Electronic Data Interchange, EDI is essentially software that enables digitised information to be shared among partners in a trading network.

Instead of raising orders and invoices manually, and sending documents by email or post that then have to be keyed into partners’ systems, EDI has automated the whole activity of sharing transaction data.

It has introduced universal time and cost savings, eliminated the need for paper documents and improved accuracy.

The simplest way to buy EDI

How can I buy EDI?

If you’ve been mandated by your retail partner and need to get up to speed quickly, be reassured that help is on hand.

Here at digital supply chain technology provider Transalis, we offer a blend of automation and process improvements. We have made it our goal to remove barriers for customers keen to access EDI, ensuring the process of implementing and operating EDI is as quick and easy as possible.

At the same time, you will naturally want to find a transparently priced solution that is tailored to your circumstances and needs. We fully understand that, so we operate a clear pricing model reflecting exactly the level of help you need and with no hidden extras or upfront fees.

Our new eDI Instant solution is available through the first online ‘self-service’ sign-up of its kind. It means that within minutes you can genuinely demonstrate to your retail partner that you are up and running with EDI.

Simpler, faster cost-effective EDI

eDI Instant is aimed at SME manufacturers and producers, just like you, who are supplying the retail sector.

The launch follows market research highlighting widespread customer frustration at the time it can take to make automated EDI connections.*

Respondents in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and transport all told us they are keen to see a simpler, faster process for procuring an EDI platform and bringing trading partners on board.

At Transalis believe eDI Instant is a truly innovative enhancement that really is as simple to use as 1,2,3. It puts you in control, gives you more agility and dramatically shortens the process of setting up an EDI connection.

And while eDI Instant is an online service, customers can still receive personalised help from our dedicated customer experience team as well as technical support as required.

As with all Transalis EDI solutions, customers of eDI Instant enjoy certainty on budget through a fixed-price annual subscription model. In the case of eDI Instant, the subscription costs just £495, regardless of the data volumes being sent.