Automating your invoice processing through digital transformation can bring a host of benefits.

That’s because the power of digitisation doesn’t tend to be limited to troubleshooting a single problem. Rather, it’s a catalyst for whole-system change.

Seeking greater efficiencies in internal processes is especially important right now for companies aiming to overcome the impact of Covid on business and ensure they stay productive and profitable in the midst of depressed market demand.

The benefits of greater automation through digital transformation also apply to UK businesses trying to stay on top of new post-Brexit requirements for international trade documents.

Invoice processing: the digital gamechanger

So what do we mean by the digital transformation of invoice processing and what benefits does it promise?

Let’s consider the current position. Keeping on top of invoices is often a thankless task for already overstretched accounts departments. Much of the work involves repetitive administrative duties prone to human error at every step. This can lead to costly blockages, disputes and subsequent payment delays. There are also onward implications as managers in other departments seek accurate cashflow data. If the financial picture is unclear, it’s harder to plan ahead, make accurate sales forecasts and order the right value of stock.

On the other hand, digital transformation can be a gamechanger, enabling invoices to go directly onto an eInvoicing platform for processing. It means you no longer have to manually capture invoice data arriving on disparate systems in the post or by email. There is no more re-keying of invoice information into your systems with the attendant risk of human error and missing or mistaken invoices.

Why choose Transalis for digital invoice processing?

Transalis eInvoice™ offers you a host of benefits as you bid to streamline your invoice processing with trading partners.

  • eInvoice solutions enable you to identify inaccuracies or blockages instantly and rectify any disputes immediately.
  • You benefit from a full audit trail of invoice processing with no requirement for human intervention.
  • eInvoice provides you with instant real-time reporting, an increasing requirement of international tax rules, as well as automated validation of invoices.
  • You also have a deep-store digital archive of invoices to reduce your retrieval and auditing costs
  • Our pricing is totally transparent (unlike other providers who charge ‘value added network’ costs for sending messages and data loads, with penalties for breaching a limit in a set period).
  • Transalis is a recognised provider fulfilling the EU’s requirement for a common eInvoice standard – one of just a few providers in the world. So, if you have overseas partners, you have reassurance.
  • We are a PEPPOL-accredited provider, compliant for European trade with both the private and public sectors.
  • Trade seamlessly between the UK and EU now and in the future – by Brexit-proofing our platform, we give you the best chance of ready compliance with customs rules as you seek to .

Our eInvoice product bundles

We offer a choice of four eInvoice ‘product solutions’ reflecting your needs and what you want to achieve with invoice processing and digital transformation. Each comes with a support package to ensure a smooth transition to your eInvoice environment.

Companies looking for ready integration of eInvoicing with their existing ERP and financial systems have the peace of mind of knowing that all invoices processed through eInvoice have a digital time and date signature.

Transalis customers can also give trading partners free access to a web portal, eInvoice Lite, and the Transalis Hub Connector. This access enabling partners to upload and download digital invoices, even if they don’t have their own eInvoicing solution.

Larger companies with overseas partners, more than 75 connections, and a need to comply digitally with complex local tax regulations, can benefit specifically from our top-tier bundle, eInvoice Connect+.

This includes a dedicated Success Manager to help with the onboarding of trading partners and ensure all is working well with your digital transformation.

If you want to improve your invoice processing in today’s challenging trading conditions, why not look at our eInvoice product bundles to see which eInvoicing solution is best for you?

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