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Compared with a paper-based system, an e-invoicing solution can reduce your business processing costs dramatically and improve security, strengthen regulatory compliance and cut auditing time.

By replacing manual and repetitive tasks, e-invoicing solutions really do help your business run smoothly. So what e-invoicing solution is right for you?

E-invoicing solutions support every step of accounts management from the initial receipt of an invoice from a trading partner to the processing of payment. In a manual process you have the risk of human error creeping in and leading to mistaken data entries, duplication and delays.

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Transalis eInvoicing solutions

That’s why much time is typically spent in the accounts department on the labour-intensive manual checking and verification of invoices. Monitoring and approval can also take a lot longer if there is any hitch along the way.

An effective e-invoicing solution can transform this entire process. The right choice can help your business build more accuracy, retain workflow information for audit trails, and deliver timely cost savings with measurable ROI.

Faster and more efficient

According to research by Swiss global market analyst Billentis*, switching to an e-invoicing solution can reduce costs by up to 80%.

The figure is evidenced through faster processing, fewer errors, healthier cashflow and more scope for compliance with the requirements of regulators and international governments.

E-invoicing solutions enable you to speed up invoice processing from point of entry across all internal business systems to achieve smoother and more cost-efficient data flows, as well as being able to digitise invoice storage for auditing and reporting.

You can even facilitate the optimisation of other processes, including invoice matching and the automation of authorisation processes. This can lead to invoice discount savings as payment can be authorised quicker.

The removal of manual processes for AP (Accounts Payable) can be mirrored in AR (Accounts Receivable), further helping to support smooth relationships with your trading network.

Our online e-invoicing solution platform, Transalis eInvoice™, offers a host of efficiency and governance benefits for both AR and AP teams.

Transalis eInvoice™ product bundles

Unlike other providers, we offer you flexibility on service and complete transparency on cost through a range of Transalis eInvoice™ product bundles, including eInvoice Essential, eInvoice Freedom, and eInvoice Connect.

eInvoicing software

The choice depends on how many trading connections you have and what exactly you want to achieve from e-invoicing.

Take eInvoice Freedom for example. This product is ideal if you have specific needs and require a tailored approach to an e-invoicing solution. You choose the number of connections you need (10+) to communicate with and the functions you need, building an entirely bespoke e-invoicing solution which meets your unique business needs.

Companies with a large trading network including international partners can benefit specifically from our top-tier bundle, eInvoice Connect. This e-invoicing solution helps your business increase efficiency through easy integration with your ERP and financial systems, with the option to add up to 75 connections and the ability to comply digitally with complex tax regulations. In addition, it provides automated validation of invoice data along with a deep-store archive to reduce auditing time and costs.

Compliance with an e-invoicing solution

As our eInvoice Connect customers already know, adopting an e-invoicing solution is not only good business practice: it is fast becoming a requirement internationally for tax and customs compliance, so you risk missing out on contracts if it is not in place.

International tax regulations

Across the EU, government and public sector organisations are already required to use B2G e-invoice processing, with B2B suppliers encouraged do the same. A key aspect is automated reporting to meet local tax visibility demands.

With whichever Transalis product bundle you choose, you have the reassurance that we are recognised as one of just a handful of providers in the world to fulfil the EU’s requirement for a common e-invoicing processing standard, in a project known a EURINV19.

Onboarding trading partners

Our trading partner outreach programme will guarantee a higher adoption rate of your trading network than other e-invoicing solution providers. That’s because our customer success team work hard behind the scenes to establish a connection with as many of the companies within your trading network as possible..

We offer online access to our eInvoice platform to your entire network, which enables them to upload and download digital invoices even if they don’t have their own eInvoicing solution.

To smooth the onboarding process, we provide training sessions, support guides, easy registration, contact and document exchange testing, walk-through support videos, and dedicated account management support.

And unlike other providers who charge Value Added Network costs (also known as VAN charges) for sending messages and data loads, with penalties for breaching set limits, our pricing is totally transparent with no limitations set on message volumes exchanged.

eInvoice Software

If you want to improve your business prospects through e-invoicing solutions, why not look at our eInvoice product bundles to see which is best for you? Talk to us on 0845 123 3746 (international callers on +44 1978 369 343) or email


* The development and future of eInvoicing from 2019 to 2025. Billentis.

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