Transforming from Paper to Digital invoicing helps businesses achieve cost savings, reduce administrative burden and go for growth, instead of relying on antiquated invoice systems. By not updating your invoice processing systems, it could mean you lose ground as competitors go digital to save money and improve processing efficiency.

Businesses seeking to adapt to changing times triggered by Covid and Brexit have to keep a tight control on the costs and efficiency of their internal processes.

While the pandemic has impacted customer demand across global industries and made the supply side more difficult to manage, the UK’s departure from the EU has brought with it a raft of new administration and documentation.

There has never been a better time to review activities such as invoice processing to support overall efficiency and supply chain management.

Transforming from Paper to Digital

With manual handling of invoices, human error can easily creep in, requiring data to be checked again and re-keyed. This is just dead time when administrative resource could be reallocated to far more valuable tasks.

Instead, eInvoice Paper to Digital, a cloud-based eInvoicing solution from Transalis, enables you to digitise your invoice processing with all the consequent benefits that brings:

  • By cutting the risk of human error, you reduce the time and budget it takes to process invoices.
  • You also minimise the number of unvalidated or rejected invoices and the potential for disputes that need to be settled further down the line. The upshot is a better cashflow position for your business.
  • As well as providing accounts efficiencies here and now, eInvoice Paper to Digital equips you with a full digital audit trail for reports and analysis.

Cross-border trade

Companies adopting eInvoice Paper to Digital give themselves greater prospect of participating in cost-effective and secure cross-border trade and co-operation. That’s because eInvoice complies with international tax and regulatory formats increasingly being mandated in different countries.

Indeed, Transalis is one of just 12 solutions providers across the world to meet a rigorous new eInvoicing standard set by the European Union.

eInvoice Paper to Digital includes a series of ‘message types’ covering all the Brexit compliance checks that UK exporters and importers now need for invoices, customs declarations and other essential documentation.

Meeting your needs

We offer a choice of four product solutions reflecting different business needs and what you want to achieve with eInvoicing. Each comes with a support package to ensure a smooth transition to your eInvoice environment.

eInvoice Freedom

Companies with only a few trading connections may wish to have our expert support as they build their own eInvoicing solutions.

eInvoice Freedom is the ideal product bundle here. You select the number of partner connections you need while taking advantage of Paper-to-digital OCR for seamless integration.

eInvoice Essential

Companies with up to 25 connections and looking for ready integration of eInvoice Paper to Digital with their existing ERP and financial systems can harness the benefits of eInvoice Essential. This is ideal for optimising AP and AR processes, recording all invoices with a digital time and date signature.

eInvoice Connect

Those customers with up to 75 connections will typically benefit from eInvoice Connect.

This includes free access to a web portal, eInvoice Lite, and the Transalis Hub Connector enabling your trading network to upload and download digital invoices, even if they don’t have their own eInvoicing solution.

eInvoice Connect+

Companies with overseas partners and who need to comply digitally with complex local tax regulations can benefit specifically from eInvoice Connect+.

This bundle is aimed at those with more than 75 connections.

Onboarding partners

As well as an ongoing support package, customers of eInvoice Connect and eInvoice Connect+ have a dedicated Success Manager to help with the full onboarding of trading partners and ensure all is working well with systems integration. The comprehensive onboarding process includes training, guides and user testing.

Unlike other providers, our transparent pricing bundles provide a complete solution without any additional VAN (value-added network) charges. In other words, with Transalis eInvoice there’s no fee per transaction or data load nor penalties for going above a set limit.

eInvoice Paper to Digital gives you the power to move on from manual processing work and embrace enhanced digitisation so you can save time and money.

Thanks to our handy ROI calculator, you can even go online right now to check your potential savings from switching to eInvoice Paper to Digital. Visit

If you are interested in minimising errors through eInvoice Paper to Digital, why not talk to us on 0845 123 3746 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or contact us via email