With a secure cloud-based EDI platform, you can use EDI workflows to digitally and frictionlessly exchange documents with all the trading partners in your digital trading network.

Frictionless EDI workflows for faster processing

EDI workflows digitally exchange essential documents such as invoices, orders, despatch notices, advanced shipping notices and customs declaration forms to ensure the smooth and fast running of a company’s global supply chain.

It effectively removes the need for manual intervention and reduces all the problems arising from human errors such as speed, accuracy and costs.

Our EDI solutions

Efficient transactions, smart decisions, rapid action

By harnessing the benefits of EDI workflows, you have complete visibility over all of your hundreds or even thousands of transactions and trading partners.

Ultimately EDI workflows give you the control you need to make smarter decisions and provide fast, accurate responses to your trading network.

EDI workflows:

  • eliminate manual processes, enabling you to reallocate costly resource to higher-value tasks
  • give you end-to-end process visibility of your transaction stages, so you can spot delays and bottleneck
  • deliver more efficient and more accurate transaction processing, enabling the business to realise greater efficiencies
  • reduce the overall cost of processing invoices, orders, shipping notices and other critical documentation
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Quick start your EDI workflows

If you need to exchange digital documents with one or two trading partners, you can purchase a cloud-based EDI solution online today and be set up in 24 hours!

eDI Essential is an easy to buy option for businesses to exchange digital documents using EDI with up to two trading partners. If your supply chain is more complex, you can choose another of our EDI bundles suited to your business needs.

Our bundles cover a range of additional EDI capabilities

  • Outbound & inbound document digitisation and automation 
  • Frictionless integration with other systems
  • Processing of custom formats and unstructured data
  • Efficient digital document exchange with a large trading partner network

Our transparent pricing model provides a complete solution without VAN charges (Value Added Network). In other words, no per-transaction fees and no penalty for breaching a data limit in a set period.

Large retailers are increasingly mandating suppliers to digitally exchange order & invoice data via EDI.

Read more about Ocado’s EDI invoice mandate.

Set up and onboarding

Research, commissioned by Transalis, found that on average EDI providers take two months to onboard a trading partner in the UK, and three months for partners outside the UK.*

All Transalis customers undergo a fully managed set-up and onboarding programme, with a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process. This approach has resulted in a 50% reduction in the time it takes to establish contact with all of your trading partners, map data using the correct EDI standards and fully test EDI workflows before going live.*

Transalis has reduced the average onboarding time by 50%*

Accessible anywhere

Cloud-based EDI solutions, such as Transalis eDI™, allow you to access your information online, anytime, anywhere. Unlike on-premise solutions, a cloud EDI application has none of the internal running costs or associated overheads.

Everyone has complete visibility of the status of transactions and can centrally manage the frictionless exchange of digital documents, whether they are a large multi-national or an SME, and whether they are spread across multiple locations or are working from home.

Smooth integration

Integration with existing in-house and 3rd party applications is vital for the frictionless flow of trading information to efficiently manage a global supply chain.

Integration is critical for companies processing high volumes of transactions with multiple trading partners, allowing data from EDI workflows to be instantly accessible across all business systems simultaneously

Get EDI integration for your systems

43% of businesses stated that their EDI provider needed to improve integration with other in-house systems, and a further 41% saying they wanted more transparent pricing.*

Transalis offer fixed-price integrations with over 40 widely used enterprise, accounting, order management and other supply chain critical software solutions. These include SAP, Oracle, Microsoft 365, and Sage.

eDI Instant

As simple as 1,2,3. Buy EDI online in an instant and connect with your trading partner today


eDI Essential

Buy online now and exchange digital documents with up to 2 trading partners


eDI Freedom

Build your own bespoke EDI solution according to your supply chain & integration needs


eDI Connect

Ideal for companies with many trading partners, high order volumes, requiring enhanced stock & sales reporting


eDI Connect+

Perfect for larger organisations requiring complete visibility across their supply chain to improve efficiencies


*Taken from a Vanson Bourne report commissioned by Transalis.

If you would like more information about any of our cloud-based EDI solutions talk to our team on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email sales@transalis.com