AS Watson encompasses 3,000 suppliers, across 16 European countries, 8 major high street retailers with up to 4,000 stores.

In order to meet the wider Groups strategy objectives for IT consolidation, AS Watson needed to standardise and consolidate supply chain communication across Europe to ensure they were meeting SLAs.

Though the IT directive came from Central Europe, individual countries still had their own objectives. These included trading in real-time within the Netherlands and the speed of on boarding new suppliers in the UK.

Whilst some countries had Integration Brokerage solutions in place, approx. 40% had never used Electronic Data Interchange before. Those who were already successful with their digital supply chain had various strategies in place, with no standardisation across the different countries.

Numerous different ERP solutions were in place across various countries, including Retek, Navision and custom built systems providing an integration mine field.

The Transalis Solution

Transalis provided multiple integration solutions, built on the same methodology for a fully digitally enabled European Supply Chain via Integration Brokerage.

Custom built cloud based EDI platforms, both web based and integrated, allowed AS Watson to securely and reliably exchange business documents and messages throughout the supply chain, regardless of document or data format or network standards.

75% reduction in order processing time

Delivering Improved Business Performance

Dashboards and reporting were introduced to allow Central IT and the individual business units to have full visibility of supply chain messaging supply chain communication and documents. For the first time, AS Watson could see when orders had been received and how, within minutes they were converted to EDI and sent for processing.

The investment in the existing ERP systems was exploited, rather than replaced, which would have been highly disruptive, expensive and labour intensive due to the resource required to retrain users. Non-displacement was a key solution design goal across all countries.

The complexity and the associated costs of establishing electronic communication between trading partners are totally removed via this Transalis solution. By default, proprietary systems from differentvendors fail to integrate efficiently.

Transalis enables organisations of all sizes, regardless of IT deployed, to communicate electronically with each other seamlessly.

Key Facts

  • Non displacement of multiple existing ERP systems
  • Reduction in IT complexity
  • Full European visibility
  • Improved auditability
  • Greatly improved supply chain communications
  • Supplier on boarding within hours


The Transalis web and integrated EDI solutions allowed AS Watson to meet all objectives whilst ensuring no existing investments in IT were displaced. The solutions ensure performance SLAs are met across Europe allowing AS Watson to drive business growth and constantly improve its digital supply chain.