A recent survey has revealed that 48% of large global companies are still ordering stock from their suppliers using traditional communication methods such as email, phone or fax.

The study, by GT Nexus and Capgemini Consulting, surveyed over 330 executives from some of the largest global manufacturing and retail organisations from over 20 countries across North America and Europe.

Astonishingly, whilst cloud-based software was considered a key driver of Digital Business Transformation, nearly half still rely on outdated methods of communication throughout their supply chain.

Relying on manual tools for communication leads to huge delays in the supply chain due to manual errors, the speed of delivery and issues relating to worldwide message formats between countries. Auditing and governance can also be jeopardised.

A digital supply chain ensures  you are ready to trade with anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • 70% have started a formal digital supply chain transformation effort
  • Five years from now, 95% expect more processes with suppliers to be automated
  • Today only 23% say that the majority of data from the extended supply chain is analysed and used for decision making. In five years, that number jumps to 68%