Earth Day is celebrated worldwide every year on April 22nd. Since 1962, US Senator Nelson made it his goal to persuade President Kennedy to focus the political spotlight on the environment.

Today, various events in over 192 countries are held as a way of demonstrating support for the protection of our environment.

At Transalis, we are passionate about the environmental impact paperless supply chains and green data have on the world.

A recent survey has revealed that 48% of large global companies are still ordering stock from their suppliers using traditional communication methods such as paper based communications. Relying on manual tools for communication leads to huge delays in the supply chain due to manual errors, the speed of delivery and issues relating to worldwide message formats between countries.

By adopting a digital supply chain, transactions can happen in real time whilst errors are reduced. Other benefits include cost savings, enhanced security and of course, greener operations due to reductions in paper usage and carbon emissions

Digital supply chains not only improve operational efficiency but take out a lot of the tiresome, repetitive, manual tasks that people find frustrating and which can often be error-strewn.

Each year on Earth Day, we are all reminded of the longer-lasting impact our decision to go paperless can have on the world.

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