Transalis has presented at the world’s most important gathering of chief information officers and senior IT executives.

The company’s supply chain advisor, Zen Yaworsky, provided insights into next-generation supply chains at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, Spain.

Nearly 6,000 delegates are attending the five-day event to gain a strategic view of emerging trends shaping business technology.

Helping companies automate supply chain transactions with propriety software, Transalis shared how its digital innovation is transforming outdated practices.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, England, the independent firm underpins billions of pounds’ worth of global trade through reducing the need for costly paper documentation.

There are more than 10,000 users of Transalis’ global digital platform; clients work in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, fast-moving consumer goods and health and beauty.

Guest speaker Zen was the former head of supply chain operations at UK high street retailer Marks & Spencer.

He led the transformation of sourcing and operating processes, achieving factory gate purchasing and supply chain control and visibility.

Speaking after the expo, Zen said:

“Transalis has consistently championed digital disruption and innovation, creating significant transactional efficiencies for customers around the world.

“It was great being able to talk about the Transalis ‘effect’ and share how an established ecosystem of connected organisations and applications provide the fundamental building blocks to capitalise on current and emerging technologies for next-generation supply chains.”

Zen was accompanied by Paul Simpson and Aniello Sabatino, co-founders and joint managing directors of Transalis.

Paul said:

“It was quite something to have Gartner analysts validate Transalis’ strategy at the world’s most important gathering of chief information officers and senior IT executives.

“The supply chains of the near future are characterised by agility, event-driven information, integrity of data, global reach, local integration and ever-present visibility across participants.

“Companies face being left behind by astute competitors if they are unwillingly or unable to embrace innovative solutions, including how digital platforms can connect everyone in supply chains in a way thought unimaginable just a few years ago.”

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