Transalis has been delivering EDI integration services to Argos suppliers for the past 10 years, with its cloud B2B automated document integration platform.

The Transalis EDI platform enables smarter, faster, better business with total digital supply chain process integration. Argos EDI suppliers exchange, capture, digitise and integrate multiple documents through highly flexible integration and automation with multiple standards, systems and networks.

Paul Simpson, Founding Director Transalis said:

“It is quite something to have provided Argos and its suppliers with our EDI integration offering since 2008, exchanging millions of electronic documents with millions of pounds of invoice value for 1,000’s of users”.

Aniello Sabatino, Founding Director Transalis stated:

“Supply chains of the near future will be characterised by agility, event-driven information, integrity of data, global reach, integration and visibility across participants and Transalis solutions will remain at the forefront to provide this”.

Transalis digital business applications are network independent, designed as light weight, high performance web applications to run on any modern Telco Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, Internet, Satellite on any connected device, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Android, Apple, Blackberry and hand held mobile devices.

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