Two tech firms are joining forces on a ‘must-have’ data automation solution for business clients outgrowing manual systems or standalone software.

Portsmouth-based Transalis and Signum Solutions, headquartered in Warrington, are partnering to help small and mid-size supply chain companies in sectors such as manufacturing, chemicals, food service and wholesale distribution.

Typical clients will have crossed a ‘tipping point’ on the need for automated business data processing.

They may be an organic food retailer seeking to demonstrate end-to-end traceability of global supply so that increasingly savvy customers are reassured over safety and integrity.  

They could be a manufacturer keen to avoid the nightmare of a product recall or a company in a regulated industry tasked with a ‘needle in a haystack’ Big Data search request.   

A fast-moving consumer brand or a busy wholesaler may also require more automation to ensure the real-time cash position and sales figures are at their fingertips. 

The tie-up between Transalis and Signum Solutions is intended to play to the respective market strengths of both providers.

Signum is an award-winning SAP Gold Partner offering SAP Business One management software for enterprise resource planning. 

The company was the first in the UK to receive ‘recognised expertise’ status in SAP Business One.   

Under the new reseller agreement, Signum will combine its SAP specialism with the added benefit of the cloud-based Transalis platform for automated supply chain management.

Signum Solutions Managing Director Lindsay Pointon said:

“This is an ideal combination that will give our clients a proven, fully integrated and hosted solution. 

“Automated data management is a must-have for growing companies for all kinds of activities including stock control, supply and distribution management, and production scheduling.”

Roy Garlick, Transalis Global Channel Manager, said:

“More and more customers are migrating up to SAP Business One having arrived at a tipping point in their data management needs. 

“At the same time, many are keen to review and improve their supply chain management capabilities.

“We’re confident our new partnership with Signum Solutions will directly address this scenario.

“It will help many small and mid-size businesses to streamline their business management activities so they can scale up to compete on a more level playing field with larger competitors.” 

In an international award based on customer feedback, Signum Solutions was named the SAP Business One partner with ‘Best Performance for Customer Satisfaction’ at a recent SAP partner summit in Barcelona.

The company also won a CompuTec Partner Excellence Award in 2017 recognising exceptional customer satisfaction. 

The Transalis platform helps users share data, integrate it with internal systems and automate a host of manual processes. 

Transalis was the first UK partner to achieve a procurement-to-payment accreditation for EDI (electronic data interchange) from global standards body GS1.

Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, said:

“We’d like to congratulate Transalis, Investors in People accreditation is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to success. Transalis should be extremely proud of their achievement.”

Commenting on the award, Paul Simpson, Founding Director, said:

“The Investors in People framework was hugely important in helping us develop our company’s culture, people, and focus. It enabled us to define what we stand for, with behaviours, skills and shared values of Integrity, Innovation and Passion, that form the core of our company now and for the future.”

Commenting further, Aniello Sabatino, Founding Director, said:

“Transalis was born from the desire to improve the ways organisations communicate and transact with suppliers, partners and customers. The Investors in People framework enabled us to improve our team member communication at all levels, helping us achieve even higher customer satisfaction. We’re going for Gold level now.”