When the team at Shaken Udder recently received notification from Morrisons that the supermarket giant was introducing mandatory new EDI message types, they weren’t shaken… or stirred!

Luckily, the dairy manufacturer uses Transalis eDI™, an EDI solution that allows users to introduce new standard messages at no extra cost, and offers simple, fast configuration of all non-standard messages.

Morrisons is on a new strategic drive to tighten up its supply chain processes with the aim to buy, move and sell fresh food products more efficiently. The supermarket recently notified fresh produce suppliers that it would be implementing a new system to facilitate quicker transmission of information.

Shaken Udder already send and receive Invoices and Orders with Morrisons across the Transalis eDI™ web platform, now they were told they would soon need to extend those messages to include:

  • ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices)
  • PORs (Purchase Order Response)
  • EPODs (Electronic Proof of Delivery)

Morrisons notified Shaken Udder that they would be required to send an ASN via EDI, everytime a delivery was on its way to one of its fresh Distribution Centres. The message needed to contain product details such as life dates, quantity and weight of the delivery.

Morrison were also demanding a POR via EDI upon receipt of a purchase order to advise whether or not Shaken Udder was able to fulfil the order requested. In addition, the dairy producer must also be able to accept EPOD messages from Morrisons, once a delivery had been made.

The implementation of this new set of messages is intended to automate various aspects of the Morrisons fresh supply chain, designed to give greater flexibility and visibility to all parties involved. The roll-out is in progress and will soon be a requirement for all of Morrisons fresh produce suppliers.

Agile expansion of new EDI message types

Transalis eDI™ allows users to send and receive a broad range of standard messages types and offers custom configuration of other non-standard requests.

Cecily Adams, Customer Experience Manager at Transalis comments,

“Many large trading hubs, like Morrisons, are constantly looking at ways they can create efficiencies and tighten up on their supply chain processes. This will often require moving more and more supply chain messaging from a paper-based environment to an EDI paper to digital exchange of data.

“Therefore, companies should protect themselves by ensuring their EDI solution provider is agile and willing to quickly react to changing mandated requirements, placed on suppliers by their retailer hubs, often at very short notice.

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