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Transalis eDI Instant™ is the first self-service EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) product specifically designed for SMEs. This solution is perfect for businesses starting out with the digital transformation of their processes.

Its launch follows market research* highlighting widespread customer frustration at the time it can take to set up an EDI connection.

What’s the fastest way to get up and running with EDI?

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Why should we use EDI?

Transalis launched eDI Instant as a solution specifically for SME manufacturers and producers. It meets the basic EDI needs of businesses that are new to EDI or have been mandated by a trading partner.

eDI Instant is an innovative solution, enabling fast and simple access to an EDI network.

The key principle of EDI is to make the exchange of essential trading data as frictionless as possible.

eDI Instant enables users to enjoy complete and immediate visibility of the data being processed in orders, invoices, Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) and other key trading documents.

Easy EDI trading partner setup

The launch of eDI Instant follows new research by Transalis. The results highlighted the frustration among many UK companies regarding how to get started with EDI.

Many businesses complained of a slow and confusing process in finding a suitable EDI provider.

Some highlighted that trying to understand EDI pricing was difficult. Others described lengthy delays in connecting to their chosen partner.

These are the challenges being resolved by eDI Instant. For example, a small supplier that has the opportunity to trade with a large retailer is great news. However, the new trading partner will likely mandate an EDI connection. This is because modern retail makes the manual processing of documents unsustainable. Therefore, suppliers must have an EDI solution that complies with the retailer’s automated business processes.

How much does EDI cost?

eDI Instant is the latest in a suite of Transalis EDI products. All offer total visibility, transparency and efficiency for users. These solutions move away from a ‘legacy’ model of EDI. With other solutions, there are hidden costs relating to message volumes, known as VAN (Value Added Network) fees.

eDI Instant puts you in control to get started with EDI today.

Instead, Transalis customers enjoy certainty on budget. We offer a transparent and fixed-price annual subscription model. eDI Instant costs just £495 per annum, regardless of the data volumes being sent.

Additionally, eDI Instant customers can still receive personalised help from our dedicated customer experience and technical support teams.

Responding to SME needs

Transalis’ research focused on business decision-makers working in SMEs serving multichannel retail sectors. They included; food and beverage, home furnishing, apparel, household appliances, healthcare, computer games, and automotive. Respondent’s sales channels spanned online as well as bricks-and-mortar stores.

Their reasons for getting started with EDI included; trading partner mandates, a desire for supply chain resilience following COVID-19, and a need to comply with international requirements following Brexit.

Respondents also highlighted their priority for the simplicity and ease of EDI process integration, particularly for those with international trading partners. That’s precisely why we have created and launched eDI Instant.

For more information on eDI Instant and how it can help you, visit To explore our other EDI products see our EDI software page or give us a call on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email to discuss your requirements.

* Independent research commissioned by Transalis Ltd: Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st-century commerce?