Dachser – Logistics Partner for UK and the World


As one of the global leaders in the logistics industry, DACHSER has continued to successfully show, since 1930, how much a family-owned company can achieve through innovative thinking and committed employees.

Like many logistics companies, Dachser has seen the change in buyer behaviour directly affect their business processes. The changing nature of the consumer in this digital age has seen logistics companies need to embrace change to remain competitive.

In the UK, 359 Dachser employees are involved at any given time, in connecting the ow of goods and information. The cooperation of 3 branches ensures the intelligent combination of logistics network competences.

Dachser were using a sophisticated Transport Management Systems, managing 12,000 EDI connections internally across their partner delivery network. Based in the head office in Germany, a team of thirty were managing the EDI transactions.

Unfortunately, as with many manual processes that are labour intensive, the time taken to execute EDI connections was slow. There were frustrations regarding supply chain communications including despatch notes and proof of deliveries.

The Transalis EDI Solution

Dachser came to the market to find a long term EDI B2B solution to provide a middleware solution to integrate data from delivery business partners onto the Dachser system, whilst also translating the data into the Dachser standardise format.

Dachser had numerous criteria for this new solution provider but their focus remained to work with companies with a similar ethos to theirs. Whilst Dachser has grown to a global company with over 250,000 staff, they remain family owned and prefer to partner with companies who share their vision of creating a company that people are proud to work for.

 A Trusted Partner

Transalis became a trusted partner to Dachser as the ethos of both companies were similar.

Transalis were an excellent resource for Dachser to draw from, having integration experts from Transalis as part of their extended team. The agility and speed shown by Transalis, even in proposal status, was not matched by any other potential provider. The cost model of the hybrid solution was also in line with Dachsers requirements.

Dachser save 20 hours per week on processing time

Key Facts

• First cloud-based EDI solution provider

• Web and integrated solution

• Reduction in manual work

• Eliminated manual errors

• Transalis experts as extension of internal team

• Network Growth


The Transalis EDI solution saves Dachser 20 hours per week on processing time. This has reduced the admin work of managing the partner network data considerably, as the Transalis hybrid solution now does all the work, freeing up valuable resource to move to more business critical tasks. This cloud based solution is the first to be implemented across the global business.