QVS Global specialises in producing exceptional personal care products within the health and beauty category with focus on providing retailers and consumers with distinctive ranges of cosmetic, nail, bath and travel accessories.

A recent 2017 partnership with global giant Zwilling Beauty Group has rapidly expanded our customer and trading community by 300%, this quickly put strains on our order processing staff and capacity.

The Challenge

Whilst QVS Global were already using Transalis, powered by OpenEDI, for its EDI supply chain digitalisation. However, new customers that didn’t support EDI or digital trading were a real concern due to the time involved in processing their orders manually.

Each ‘non-digital’ customer had their own ordering preferences with most using PDFs sent in via email but some using Excel or even typing orders in the body of an email.

QVS Global needed to find a relatively quick fix to an ever-increasing bottleneck of processing incoming order data to satisfy the expectations of new and demanding customers.

After identifying these new challenges, regarding on boarding new EDI customers, Transalis recommended the DataCapture Managed Service.

Transalis saved 20+ staff hours a week

The Transalis EDI Solution

It was agreed that Transalis would immediately onboard QVS Globals new top ten non-digital high volume/high value customers on to the DataCapture service. This would automate the import of orders directly from their respective PDFs, Excel Forms and Emails into QVS Global’s ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics.   The added advantage being that there were either no, or very minor changes that QVS trading partners needed to make to their current order processes.

QVS Global provided Transalis’ DataCapture specialists with customer details and order samples to configure the mappings and translations for each customer. Within 8 weeks the designated trading partners were onboarded and the benefits quickly realised on both a day to day and management level.

The Benefits

Incoming multipage and high frequency orders are now automatically extracted, mapped and integrated error free into Dynamics in more or less real time saving staff 20+ man hours a week and ensuring there are no delays in getting order information across to the warehouse facilities, ensuring tight delivery timelines are consistently met.

The Conclusion

“Transalis EDI DataCapture has provided us with a realtime 24/7 order automation service at fraction of the cost of hiring new administration staff without any impact on the non-digital customers it supports,”

It also compliments and dovetails perfectly with our existing Transalis EDI Integration and enables us to have on the fly visibility and control of orders in the back office systems that are central to our business critical processes.” comments Chris Holden, Supply Chain & Operations Director

“The service has been key in harnessing the rapid increase in order intake and just as importantly provides another trusted, cost effective business tool for us to continue to expand our trading and information sharing no matter how our customers want to send us data.

Transalis provides a cloud-based EDI solutions that drives business growth through digitalisation of supply chain networks. Based in the UK, Transalis services a digital community of over 10,000 users internationally across Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, FMCG and Health and Beauty.