New research* reveals surprising insights about the perceived difficulties of moving from one EDI solution to another, leaving many businesses feeling trapped.

With current challenges including rising freight prices, lingering Covid impact and new post-Brexit documentation requirements, companies are seeking to extract maximum value from all operational processes. That includes the digital exchange of essential trading data with supply chain partners. To achieve the frictionless exchange of trading data, many companies use an EDI solution (Electronic Data Interchange) to efficiently manage this critical business function.  In reality, this means that the efficiency of an organisation’s supply chain operation is only as good as the service provided by its EDI solution, and as such, EDI should be constantly under review and businesses able to easily switch EDI solution.

New research report

Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st-century commerce?

New research* reveals disparities between EDI user requirements and services delivered by EDI providers.

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New research report

Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st-century commerce?

New research* reveals disparities between EDI user requirements and services delivered by EDI providers.

Download the report

What is EDI?

EDI is the software platform that enables retailers, manufacturers and others in a supply chain to exchange orders, invoices, advance shipping notices, sales reports and other essential trading documentation.

EDI delivers huge cost efficiencies for companies across the world. Instead of time-consuming, paper-based processes, with their attendant risk of human error and correction time, EDI automates the whole activity of document exchange.

Why isn’t it straightforward to switch EDI solution?

Achieving process efficiencies in supply chain management is a paramount consideration, especially at a time of huge cost pressures. Brexit, Covid, rapid technological change, and growing competition are all contributing to new economic realities that demand a rethink of operational eco-systems.

In new research report, ‘Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st-century commerce?’, commissioned by digital supply chain technology provider Transalis, company leaders in the UK have been discussing the state of EDI provision and what they see as the hurdles involved in moving on from legacy systems. It’s clear from the feedback that for many decision-makers, switching an EDI solution is a far from straightforward proposition.

Snapshot of research findings

Supply Chain Logistics

Findings from the Transalis research show that EDI providers are falling short on a range of issues including customer service, price transparency and responsiveness.

  • Many are simply not keeping up with the needs of their customers, restricting them from competing in an increasingly international trading environment
  • 60% of respondents, including directors and senior managers in operations, IT and finance, believe their current solution is so embedded it will be a major challenge to unravel it and move to another provider
  • Only 3% believe switching to another EDI provider will be easy
  • Factors cited include cost implications, finding a new vendor with compatible systems and dealing with the risk of disrupting business as usual activity

“Whether intentionally or not, EDI providers have convinced their customers that the costs, difficulties and disruption of switching an EDI solution outweigh the benefits,” says Marc Stares, Sales & Marketing Director for Transalis.

Respondents have been left believing their existing EDI solution is so embedded they face a major challenge to unravel it and move to another provider. As a result, many businesses are putting up with a second-rate service at an extremely high cost, potentially impacting their ability to stay agile and competitive.

Simple to switch EDI solution

Here at Transalis, we believe EDI solutions should be easy to use, frictionless and simple to switch so customers’ don’t feel trapped into a lifetime commitment with one provider.

We are focused on delivering visibility, transparency and efficiency for our customers. That includes making the buying process for our range of cloud-based EDI solutions as easy and quick as possible, as well as ensuring we deliver an efficient and cost-effectively EDI solution for you and your trading network.

Unlike many other providers, we do not impose barriers that could disrupt business as usual – we prefer to keep our customers because of the quality of our EDI Solution, not because it’s too difficult to move.

“More and more of our customers are benefiting from the focus on fixed-price solutions, immediate set-up, removal of lead-time frustration and faster onboarding of partner connections,” explains Marc.

How AG Barr made the switch

Often we are asked to step in to replace legacy systems. The soft drinks manufacturer AG Barr, famous for the iconic brand Irn-Bru, is a prime example.

“Transalis put their finger on what we knew had been a pain and pinch-point for a number of years,” explains John Thompson, AG Barr’s Integrated Systems Manager. “Our contact with them came at exactly the right time as we looked to improve our processes, do some business process engineering and upgrade our EDI solution.

“The Transalis platform has made life easier for our customer service team. It really has made a positive difference. We are seeing ROI by having people focused on more value-added activity. Customer ratings and feedback also show we have improved customer satisfaction levels.”

Transalis eDI™ Solutions

Here at Transalis, we aim to make EDI easy to buy and simple to switch. Choose from our range of Transalis eDI™ product solutions, and benefit from substantial cost savings and a ‘no surprise’ pricing strategy.

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If you are thinking about switching your EDI solution but are worried about the implications, give us a call on 0845 123 3746 (calling from UK) or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or via email to discuss your requirements.

* Independent research commissioned by Transalis Ltd: Is EDI addressing the challenges of 21st-century commerce?