EDI Software as a Service is the latest generation of EDI solutions, improving supply chain communications.

EDI SaaS (Software as a Service) harnesses the cloud to provide automated digital communications between trading partners, as opposed to legacy on-premise solutions.

We cover what EDI and SaaS stand for, how SaaS EDI works, and the key benefits of SaaS EDI solutions in this blog.

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What does EDI SaaS mean?

EDI SaaS is a combination of two acronyms used to describe supply chain technology services:

EDI – In the context of business technology, EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is defined as the automated exchange of order message data between trading partners, in a standardised digital format. This includes, but is not limited to; POs, invoices, shipping labels, ASNs, etc.

SaaS – This acronym stands for Software as a Service. It is categorised as the use of cloud based applications that are accessed over the internet. Some examples of SaaS applications in business include payroll, accounting, CRM, HR, ERP etc.

Therefore, SaaS EDI describes the cloud-based application which provides the automated exchange of standardised business data/messages.

The difference between SaaS and on-premise EDI

So we have defined what the SaaS EDI acronym means. But what exactly is EDI as a service and is it different from on-premise solutions?

Companies that are looking to implement EDI have a choice of strategy, depending on their preferences and organisational structure. They can choose to set up and manage their own on-premise EDI solution, or employ the services of an external EDI provider (SaaS EDI).

Firstly, an on-premise EDI solution, is often referred to as a legacy system. This is because the technology tends to be older, and therefore, less sophisticated. Legacy systems rely on the on-premise installation, management and updating of the EDI solution.

The main downfalls of this type of EDI solution are that it is:

  • Reliant on employing and retaining the in-house technical skills to oversee the solution
  • Dependent on the use of internal servers and storage for the solution to work
  • Out of budget for smaller organisations, due to the large overhead and resourcing costs

Whereas, EDI SaaS is a better alternative to legacy on-premise EDI systems. SaaS EDI solutions are typically offered as managed services. This means that SaaS EDI providers do all the leg-work on behalf of the organisation using the solution. So the whole process from installation through to maintenance and updates is handled by an external EDI provider. Furthermore, the use of internal servers is no longer a problem. EDI SaaS solutions are far more accessible, as they are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed remotely via a web browser or API.

What are the services provided by EDI and the key benefits?

EDI supports global commerce by providing the fast and accurate exchange of data between trading parties.

This frictionless business solution has a number of key benefits:

  1. Reduce manual processes
  2. Speed up invoice payments
  3. Eliminate errors
  4. Maximise efficiency

There are additional benefits for business, in the context of SaaS EDI. In short, SaaS can help organisations optimise their budgets by offering cost-effective software, coupled with professional support.

On top of the core benefits of EDI, SaaS solutions offer organisations:

  • Lower up-front costs
  • Affordability for SMEs
  • Quicker implementation
  • Greater flexibility as business needs and markets change
  • Removal of the responsibility for upgrades and licensing

EDI Software as a Service for agility

Organisations are discovering that a cloud-based, fully managed EDI service is far more cost-effective.

On-premise legacy EDI solutions have a shelf life, and many are coming up to ‘end-of-life’. On average, these systems need to be updated or changed every five to seven years. However, fully managed cloud EDI applications offer a more future-proof service.

With EDI Software as a Service the technology is more sophisticated and flexible, such as harnessing narrow AI and systems integrations. This allows the organisation to maintain a more agile supply chain that can rapidly respond to market changes.

Transalis EDI managed services

At Transalis, we have developed scalable EDI SaaS solutions, which are hosted securely in the cloud.

We offer transparently priced product bundles to suit every industry sector and supply chain complexity. There’s no limits on message exchange volumes and absolutely no hidden fees (such as VAN charges).

Our solutions are quick to set up and easy to operate. We configure the solution according to your needs, using all recognised message standards and common EDI protocols.

Our team of onboarding specialists will also help you with the efficient onboarding of new trading partners onto your EDI platform as you look to expand your trading network.

We have a dedicated team that keep our EDI SaaS platform updated to meet future market requirements. This means you don’t need to invest in any extra server, licence or other applications.

If you’re new to EDI and need to get it set up ASAP, then you can buy our eDI Instant solution online for just £495pa for one trading connection!

Our other EDI bundles start from 2 trading connections and scale up in terms of complexity. The eDI Freedom calculator allows you to compare our solutions and find the right one for your business.

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