The powerful combination of electronic data interchange (EDI) and SaaS (software as a service) is helping companies and organisations across the world to achieve competitive advantage. EDI software brings together two proven cloud-based approaches to achieve the benefits of business automation.

So what are these constituent elements and what benefits do they bring when working together?

First, SaaS is an alternative offering to traditional software deployment for many different business applications. It enables the user to avoid the task of installation or the need for an internal server altogether and instead access software held on a remote cloud network via a web browser or API.

SaaS popularity

Because SaaS is pre-configured and pre-installed, the up-front costs reflecting maintenance, upgrades and licensing are generally lower than if you held the software on your own internal system.

For small and medium-sized companies, there is the advantage of scale, meaning they can use software they might not otherwise be able to afford.

It’s also quick to implement, it comes without the need to plan in-house server capacity, and you can flex your use up and down depending on your needs at any given time.

With SaaS, it is the provider who is responsible for upgrades and new releases, and ensuring licensing is properly in place.

SaaS has become a popular method of delivering thousands of different business applications. They include payroll, accounting, CRM, HR, ERP and all kinds of corporate performance management tools.

In short, SaaS can help you optimise your IT budget by offering you easy, cost-effective access to the latest software coupled with professional support.

EDI software benefits

Just as the use of SaaS has spread, so too has the take-up of EDI software. EDI has supported global commerce and industry for several decades as a fast, accurate way of exchanging data between trading partners.

SaaS provides a frictionless solution for different approaches to document content and transfer, enabling businesses to:

  1. improve delivery times
  2. speed up invoice payments
  3. minimise errors
  4. maximise efficiency

Companies can choose to set up and manage their own on-premise EDI solution, handling daily operations themselves.

In this scenario, the EDI software will link to an ERP system for the automatic conversion and exchange of electronic data in orders, invoices, ASNs and other documents.

Moving to the cloud

Increasingly however, companies are discovering that a cloud-based, fully managed EDI service is far more cost-effective. On-premise legacy EDI solutions have a shelf life, and many are coming up to ‘end-of-life’. Whereas a cloud EDI application, which can also seamlessly integrate with your ERP and other internal systems, has none of the internal running costs, upgrades or other associated overheads.

At Transalis, we have developed a scalable, high-performance EDI SaaS application platform, hosted securely in the cloud and ideal for the continual, automated exchange of trading data.

We map and translate data from all sent and received trading documents into all recognised message standards and common EDI protocols.

Unlike other systems, our Transalis eDI™ solutions are quick and easy to set up and operate. with no limits set on the number of messages sent and no hidden monthly charges. Entry-level eDI Essential, for up to two trading partners, is the ‘buy online’ hassle-free and cost-effective way to get started with EDI today.

Continual adaption

Whatever your industry sector or size of business, we have a cost-effective cloud-based EDI software solution to meet your needs.

We have a dedicated team of EDI experts and developers who are constantly adapting and enhancing our EDI SaaS platform in line with EDI software development and future market requirements.

On average, an on-premise ERP system needs to be updated or changed every five to seven years. By switching to a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution such as Transalis cloud-based EDI software, you avoid this headache completely.

And because we have already assumed the costs of the technical infrastructure, EDI software and development that our solutions support, you don’t have to invest in any extra server, licence or application.

As you look to expand your trading network, our team of onboarding specialists will also help you with the seamless onboarding of new trading partners onto your EDI platform.

See our EDI software packages or get in contact with our expert team on 0845 123 3746 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), reach out via email