EDI, or electronic data interchange, is a tried and tested end-to-end solution for sharing transaction data. A high-quality EDI provider can help you achieve frictionless paper- free communications and drive transformation in your data transfer and processing.

Instead of raising orders and invoices manually and sending documents by email or post that then have to be keyed in by hand, EDI has automated the whole activity, introduced universal time and cost savings, eliminated the need for paper documents and improved accuracy.

Trading network buy-in

But success with EDI depends on ensuring your trading network buys in. Your trading partners will need to have the same ability as you to receive and send documents.

At Transalis, we will help you reach 100% adoption of your partners through a fully- managed and supported on-boarding process featuring training, guides and user testing.

The experience of transatlantic beauty brand Space NK shows that with the right EDI provider, EDI does not need to be complicated, expensive or take a long time to install.

After a process automation project with Transalis produced immediate costs savings of £60,000, Chris Wakeham, Space NK’s Global IT Director, said:

“You no longer need specialist skills because Transalis can handle all of this for you, removing all the potential headaches involved. They had an ability to understand what we were trying to achieve and an appetite to make integration lighter, cheaper and easier for us. It took only one week to onboard the first partner with Transalis as EDI provider. We brought the rest in very quickly as soon as that was achieved.”

Instant overview

At Transalis has developed a scalable, high-performance EDI SaaS application platform, hosted securely in the cloud and ideal for the continual, automated exchange of trading data.

We map and translate data from all sent and received trading documents into all recognised message standards and common EDI protocols. This means you have instant overview of all trading documentation and its status.

We do all the heavy lifting for you

Accessible anywhere and anytime, our Transalis eDI™ solutions are quick and easy to set-up and operate with no need for additional servers. And what’s more, we’ll look after all aspects of software so you don’t have to worry about installation or upgrades.

Frictionless onboarding

To help you onboard your trading partners we provide user training sessions backed with ‘How to’ guides, ‘walk-through’ videos, FAQ boards and on-going technical service support.

In addition, you have a dedicated Customer Experience Manager who you can contact at any time throughout the onboarding process. Once live, as well as your Customer Experience Manager, you can also raise any issues or questions directly onto the Transalis support portal for speedy resolution.

A choice of solutions

Transalis eDI™ helps make both EDI integration and partner onboarding frictionless.

There is a choice of four ‘product bundles’ reflecting your needs and what you want to achieve. They provide companies around the world with substantial cost savings and ‘no surprise’ pricing.

eDI Essential

The bundles begin with eDI Essential, for smaller trading networks or single connections.

eDI Freedom

For complete flexibility, eDI Freedom allows you to build your own EDI service to match your precise needs.

eDI Connect & eDI Connect+

Companies with multiple-partner networks can choose bundles such as eDI Connect and eDI Connect+, offering scalable support for supply chain overview, message creation, seamless, frictionless integration with ERP systems and analytics for performance management.

To read more about how Transalis enabled Space NK to realise the benefits of EDI, check out the case study. And for more information on Transalis eDI™ and partner onboarding, see our bundled software solutions.

You can call us on 0845 123 3746 or +44 1978 369 343 (for international callers), or get in touch via email sales@transalis.com