Managed properly using EDI for dropshipping to manage the supply chain can help retailers test new products, mitigate risks and manage market fluctuations – all with the peace of mind of knowing that the right orders are going to the right customers at the right time.

Dropship is a mode of fulfilment where the seller doesn’t design the products, store them, or have control over production. The seller simply takes the order from the buyer and relays it to the manufacturer, who ships the goods directly to the consumer. It’s an ideal way to meet the wide range of product choices and delivery channels demanded by today’s consumer.

No-one wants to be behind the curve. Already many larger retailers and manufacturers are introducing dropshipping as a component of their fulfilment strategy: a flexible approach to customer orders, which enables them to remain agile in times of peak demand. But managing such a co-dependent and symbiotic relationship between the retailer, manufacturer and customer requires technology that allows all parties to share information in real-time, across multiple businesses and systems. The retailer must retain oversight and control across the entire supply chain – after all, it’s their reputation on the line if service levels dip.

EDI for dropshipping enables seamless and transparent exchange of order processing between all parties

Up until now, the retailer’s line of sight on quality control to prevent dropship problems has generally been limited. One of the most common challenges to achieving a successful retailer- manufacturer relationship is making sure your respective IT systems can speak to each other.

You may feel you already have more than enough systems and processes to oversee, so if you’ve been tasked with integrating dropship into your order fulfilment, that’s just one more headache to consider.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. The closer retailers and suppliers can align electronically, the more transparent and efficient the supply chain becomes… and the more headaches avoided!

This is where Transalis comes in. We specialise in helping digital supply chains through cloud-managed services. We enable retailers across the world to be in the know on the whereabouts of product and ETAs. That’s because our solutions allow manufacturers and retailers to exchange information swiftly and smoothly.

Why Transalis?

Transalis has bags of experience helping companies install efficient EDI solutions within dropship environments.  EDI is an agile and flexible way of ensuring you can rapidly react to unprecedented change, such as a global pandemic or consumer trends, allowing you to simply and easily add new suppliers to your trading network.

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